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The classes below are the current instructors guides (as of Jan 2005),  They cover sustainment level rifle training and are provided for your review and study. 

At no time should you believe that once you have read these references, you are qualified to teach marksmanship.

Lesson Plan # Course Title
SLR 00 Introduction to Marine Corps Rifle Marksmanship
SLR 1 Weapons Handling - M16A2 Service Rifle
SLR 2 M16A2 Service Rifle Preventive Maintenance
SLR 3 Fundamentals of Rifle Marksmanship
SLR 4 Introduction to Rifle Shooting Positions/Slings
SLR 5 Prone Position
SLR 6 Sitting Position
SLR 7 Kneeling Position
SLR 8 Standing Position
SLR 8A Positions Practical Application
SLR 9 Effects of Weather
SLR 10 Zeroing the M16A2 Service Rifle
SLR 11 Data book
SLR 12 Known Distance (KD) Course of Fire
SLR 13 Preparatory Training Dry-Fire/Simulation Exercises for the KD Course
SLR 14 Weapons Handling Test
SLR 15 36-YD Grouping Exercise
SLR 16 BZO Exercise
SLR 17 Range Operations
SLR 18 Known Distance (KD) Firing Exercises
SLR 19 Introduction to Field Firing
SLR 20 Application of Marksmanship Fundamentals in Field Firing/Offset Aiming
SLR 21 Field Firing Positions and Reloading
SLR 22 Presentation of the M16A2 Service Rifle
SLR 22A Rifle Presentation Exercise
SLR 23 Daylight Target Detection
SLR 24 Low-light/Darkness Engagement Techniques
SLR 24A Low-light/Darkness Engagement Exercise
SLR 25 Firing with the Field Protective Mask
SLR 26 Supported Firing Positions/Selection and Use of Cover
SLR 27 Multiple Target Engagement Techniques
SLR 28 Moving Target Engagement Techniques
SLR 29 Range Estimation
SLR 29A Unknown Distance Firing Exercise
SLR 30 Field Firing Dry-Fire/Simulation Exercises
SLR 31 Field Firing Live Fire Exercises



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