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"For the strength of the pack is the wolf,
and the strength of the wolf is the pack."

Rudyard Kipling

There are fewer explanations why the Marine Corps has prospered for over 229 years than to say it is the strength of our non-commissioned officers.  Our fame, appreciation and respect has been built by the many NCOs who accomplished the mission and asked for nothing in return more than what the men and women under their charge needed.

The subjects contained within this web site support a residential program by allowing you to learn the basics away from the classroom, in turn saving  classroom time for practicing and refining the skills and knowledge you have acquired through independent study. Taught in this manner, your time away from your regular duties is minimized while your skills are improved through more actual hands on training, instead your time spent half listening and half doing. Also, you will find much of this information immediately applicable during your daily duties and will continue to be a resource for you after your resident training is completed.

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