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The contact information is provided to encourage a constant exchange of information to allow the best, most current training of miltary advisors.

Everyone is reminded of the importance of OPSEC.  Ensure the information you are passing on, though great stuff and very needed, is not exposing our fellow warriors TTPs, names, locations, etc.  When in doubt...leave it out and call us.  We will provide you the SIPRNET information to allow the info to be passed over secure lines.

Position Primary Phone # Secondary Phone # EMail
Course Manager (703) 496-8829 (cell) (703) 432- (office)
Communication Team Lead (703) 496-(cell) (703) 432- (office)
Weapons Team Lead (703) 496-(cell) (703) 432- (office)
Medical Team Lead (703) 496-(cell) (703) 432- (office)
Motor Vehicle Team Lead (703) 496-(cell) (703) 432- (office)
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